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Transportation Safety Equipment suppliers
Product Information
Product Name Metal Sliding Plate
Material Capabilities Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Hardened Metals, Precious Metals, Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys, Other  
Finishing Capabilities polishing, anodizing, sanding, plating
Machining Type turning machine, welding, milling, CNC machining, strengthen, stamping machine
Anodize color  as customers' requirement
Inspection Equipment Coordinate measuring machine, projector, roughness tester, hardness   tester, concentricity tester, height tester, salt spray machines, torsion machines
Size as per customer’s 2D/3D drawings
Tolerance +/-0.01mm or +/- 0.004
Production Output 80000 pieces/month
Package  Industrial packing: Cartons for outer packing and foam for inside protection with wooden pallets or as customers' requirement
OEM Service Available
Samples Available
MOQ 500pcs
Payment PayPal, T/T, western union, etc
Lead time 7 to 10 days after deposit received
Delivery UPS, DHL, TNT, Ocean Shipping ,etc.
Skateboard Skateboard project can be described as the originator of extreme sports history, many of the extreme sports projects are extended from the skateboard project. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the skateboarding movement, which has evolved from surfing, has become the "coolest" movement on Earth
Skateboarding techniques include: The AerialL (on the slider), The Invert (on the U stage), The Ollie (take the board take-off), these techniques can be said that in addition to the flap outside the most important skateboard action. The world's two important skateboard international organizations: International skateboard business association (full name: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SKATEBOARD COMPANIES referred to as: IASC) and the World Cup skateboard (full name: WORLD CUP SKATEBOARDING referred to as: WCS).
After the nineties of the twentieth century after the skateboard can be divided into: street skateboard (ordinary skateboard); speed down board (long board); small fish plate (including large fish board) a total of three categories, which does not include the fourth generation skateboard (Electric skateboard) and the fifth generation skateboard (oil moving skateboard).
According to the professional level points
Toy board
Toy plate refers only to skate the skateboard, beginners can also be used. Beginners should choose a flat taxi ground, in the taxi should wear elbow, wrist, knee, helmet and other protective gear. But if you are really determined to start your ultimate career, then, put down the child in your hand
Professional board
Professional board, which is every real skateboarding people should know and familiar with your extreme career, from it to partner As the skater to do all kinds of difficult moves and a variety of tricks, and even curious games are played, so the strength of all the components of the board and a variety of performance indicators should meet the requirements
Specific street and U pool, highway, hillside downhill, the difference is not, U pool is relatively wide, relatively soft bridge, road-type board is very long (in fact, the highway has been independently developed into another movement, Referred to as LongBoard), hillside downhill has a high bridge and pneumatic tires
Safety Precautions
1. Use the wheel before adjustment to make it easy to operate.
2. According to their own use with a lock nut to adjust the elasticity of the cushion.
3. To regularly fill the bearing oil, increase bearing lubrication, reduce taxi resistance.
4. Beginners need to help with friends and relatives, in the sloping angle on the slope of the slide, with the technical level of improvement, and gradually exchange different slope.
5. Do not glide on a wet or rough road. When you want to jump off the skateboard, watch if you can hit the people or other objects around you.
6. If you need to change parts, the parts should be the same parts with the original specifications for the same model Transportation Safety Equipment suppliers

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