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The world has been sang,
The world has been sang, and the eyes have passed the year of the flower, and counted with the fingers, have been retired for more than ten years, have passed 66, seeing people who are over 70 years old, looking at me in the mirror, full of gray The hair can't help but make people feel very sorrowful. Many past events have become a cloud of the past. As the years go by, they gradually leave me. More than 40 years ago, I was very reluctant to walk. The winding country stone road was forever engraved in my heart. It was a lifetime unforgettable. It was in January 1969, in order to In response to Chairman Mao��s great call, I voluntarily and voluntarily obey the unified distribution of the school. Together with the school��s more than 20 classmates, I concentrated on the Chengdu North Railway Station with a simple line of equipment, took a smoldering train to Jiajiang, and then Jiajiang transferred to the big truck and went to the Luoba Commune of Hongya County, which is about two hundred kilometers away from Chengdu. It settled in a remote small village in the foothills of the hills, and received the re-education of the poor middle peasants in the glorious team. Far from the small villages of Chengdu, although the scenery is beautiful, the labor force is still quite lacking. At the time of the production team, all the populations were added together, and we counted several educated youths. Only 108 people were able to work in the team. The total labor force and the semi-labor work all add up to less than 60 people. . The number of young and middle-aged adults is less than 40. All the liaison between the whole village and the outside world relies on this crooked stone road that is less than one foot wide. The team has to pay the public grain and send out the surplus food of the team. Life necessities must also come back from the street. I am 1.55 meters tall on this insignificant stone road. I am away from my parents and two younger brothers. I am alone in this remote and strange village. Full of infinite confusion, when I was on the team, I always wanted to be home, often quietly and alone, and came to the entrance of the village in a corner, silently sitting on the stone road, leaning back on a bluestone road. On the edge of the monument, staring at the surrounding mountains, staring at the blue sky and white clouds connected to the distant mountains. This small village is too small to be found on the map. I am here to do what I do, I don��t understand, I only know that I am coming to receive re-education. There are not many cultural people in this village. There are not many people who can read newspapers. How can we educate us about these educated youths? Let us educate these educated youths to accept the education of people without culture. I don't understand. If you don't understand it, don't think about it. Anyway, listen to the captain's words in the future. As long as your captain makes a statement, it��s okay to do it. It��s ok, when you get to the team, every day, sitting on the stone road in the village, looking at the rolling hills around this small village, the top of the head is only so big. God Cigarettes Wholesale Price, I don't know what I am waiting for, and I don't understand what I am looking for. But one thing, I am very clear, that is, this winding stone road at the foot, whether it is willing or not, I have to go on my own and no one can replace it. This will be a reality that I have no circumvention in my life. I don��t want to hide. The meandering stone road, depending on the hilly terrain with high and low slopes, reluctantly twists the body and stretches the road to the infinite mountains and horizons. It is a fair test of every pedestrian, which is fair, whether it is Whoever walks on this stone road all the year round, the old man who grows under the footboard is a few days after I entered the village. There is very little firewood behind the house and the stove. In order to survive, and to satisfy the romantic curiosity of the time, but also to give the comrades of the poor and middle-class farmers in the village, they can leave a good impression that they are not afraid of hard work and love, and can compete with the poor and middle-class farmers. I am pleased to accept the invitation of the villagers in the same village, carrying the machete and rope for cutting wood, and exploring the mystery of the mountain, along this stone road, over ten mountain beams and drilled into the Dalanggou. There was a lot of dry wood in the ravine. After a while, I got a lot of it. Several members came to help me. I tied the firewood that I picked up into a bundle of one hundred and ten pounds Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale. I didn��t care, I��m back on my back. I tried it on the test and it was okay. I then adjusted my weight and shouted "Go" Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. When I bent over, I got the bundle of firewood and set foot on the stone road back to the village. I was carrying the bundle of firewood, and I began to watch the natural scenery along the way with great interest. I enjoyed the green hills with great interest and returned with pride. But what I didn��t expect was that the stone road was still the stone road. It suddenly seemed to be 100 times longer. The dry wood on the back was getting heavier and heavier. From the beginning, take a 200-meter break and change to 100 meters. After a break, I gradually diminished. As for the end, I became a 10-meter break, a 5-meter stop, and finally, at the end, I came to a steep slope and said that I didn't want to leave. I put the bundle of dry wood on the top of the slope and kicked it, letting the bundle of firewood follow the steep slope of the stone road, kicking and kicking, and squatting down the steps, toward the foot of the mountain. The ground rolls, the bundle of dry wood is also very competitive, every time you roll on the stone road, it is not falling. I am amused by passers-by and fellow folks who have a pair of heavy feet and bite their teeth and return to my cabin Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa. When they enter the door, they smash the clothes pinched on their hands and throw them in a hurry. On the cane box cover, turn back and put the body upside down on the bed. I patrolled the cabins with all the walls, and the solitary kerosene lamp. I seriously sent out a little bit of orange-red light, cold and hungry and tired. I stroked my hand today to be good at The red shoulders of the rope, when I was under the age of seventeen, I couldn��t help but shed tears. Every morning, I climbed along the winding stone road and climbed the high and steep slopes, braving the heat and cold. The folks went to learn Dazhai together and ate a lot of sweat. Build terraces and change the soil to repair water. In the evening, the stars are covered with moonlight, with a pair of bare feet, standing in the creek beside the stone road, bending over, holding the stream in the ditch with both hands, pouring on the face and back, and taking the strip Dry towel wipes off the sweat from the body, then jumps on it, jumps on this stone road, trots back to my cabin, the winding stone road often leaves me with a string of wet, dark and twisted The feet are printed with rising smoke, the evening in the small village, the faint smell of food is everywhere, and many young people in the village often come to my cabin to bring me fresh vegetables and steaming meals. The old people in the village often carry small grandchildren, carrying a walking stick, slowly walking on this curved stone road, come to my cabin, like our family, sitting on our threshold, with me. Talking about the land, to help me get rid of loneliness, the time of my time in this small village, after more than two years of baptism, hard work and long-term training of life, I am from a weak junior high school student, after no Exercise, and gradually grow into a strong character Montagnards. On this curved stone road, I took a sickle, I don't know how many times I went, planted in the field, harvested rice and wheat, and carried the rice to the water to grind it. On this stone road, I sent over 100 kilograms of rice to the district to send the grain. In the middle of the night, following the militia in the village, stepping on the cold slate on the road, and taking part in the tempering in the mountains; carrying the scimitar for cutting wood, together with the militia, hunt down the criminals who stole the national timber at night; In order to save the cattle in the village, at night, a person flashed a flashlight and went to the veterinary station on the street of Luoba Township to ask the doctor for the slate road. I set foot on the construction site of the water conservancy project, from the construction site to the production team, forty. In the Shibanshan Road, I can arrive in 3 hours, and I don't feel tired. I learned to use leggings on the legs and add leaf smoke, and take the mountain road to deal with the skills of Gan Mahuang. I am working on a tunnel in the mountain and living in a fur shed built by the waste bamboo core. In the most difficult time, relying on the salt water for rice, I can still stick to the construction site. For the water conservancy construction of the commune, I will spread my youth��s sweat and contribute myself. the power of. Next to the winding stone road, I used to take a picture lesson for a dozen children in a four-sided bamboo shed. In class, I was pushed to the stage by others in a sudden attack. I was not mentally prepared at all. I told the children about a car outside the mountain. I first wrote a herringbone on the blackboard, and then filled it with a note, turned into a small hill, painted a lot of hills around the hill, and painted a curve in the middle of many hills. The arc curve, on the blackboard, looks cold, like a highway in the mountains, filling a few cuboids on the road, forming a car running on the road Marlboro Red 100 Carton, and then talking about the car running on the road. Cars in the city, talking about the roads and traffic in the city. The more you talk, the more you can't stop. The children there never walked out of the mountains, and the content that told me was fascinated. The sky was dark, and the children stopped me and refused to let me go. I was so helpless, I had to lie to this group of children and said that I would come back to give you lectures. As the first commune who was transferred to the city as a worker, I was sitting in the coach of the long-distance bus and sticking my head out the window. The folks and students who came to see the line waved goodbye, the car gradually moved away, and the eyes gradually blurred. With the roar of the car engine, there were bursts of echoes in the valley. In the mountains, the car was easy. The terrain on the road is getting higher and higher, and the mountain is getting higher. The small village that raised me for more than two years left my sight. The mountain behind it has also grown from big to small. As the long-distance bus swayed, it gradually went away. However, the outside world is closely connected with the small village, and the curved gray stone road is always immortal in my heart, which is unforgettable.

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