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the school, I can call
the school, I can call Ah or call the video every day. It is a greeting that I have to do. From the beginning, "the habit of eating is not used, there is no shortage of money, there is no cold" to "When are you going to vacation, what are you?" When I came back, I came back in a few days. I can come back when I am in the eighth month of the lunar month. "Aye also said, "How is this turtle grandson so fat, and there is more meat on his face?" "Aye, then you wait, There are still ten days to come back. On the morning of December 31st Carton Of Newports Price, my brother told me to go see the grandfather, I sent a red envelope to my brother, let the younger brother buy something for Ahya��s milk. Then I gave the grandfather The phone asked Aye what he wanted to eat for the younger brother to buy, and Ah Ye��s phone next to Ah��s phone shouted ��I don��t want to buy anything, there are a lot of family��, and when Ah��s milk is finished, he says ��You buy There are still a lot of beef bone powder, and there is a lot of milk. Don��t buy anything.�� I said to Aye, ��That��s the way, I��ll come back and buy you a brother. I��ll call me in the afternoon, I��m with Ah Ye. Speaking a few words, Ah Ye smiled so happy, asked me to come back in a few days. After three days, Aye didn��t wait for me to go back, and suddenly left me, and what I regret most is that I call Aye every day, from December 31, 2018 to January 2019. Nothing was given to Aye on the 3rd. Not only did the heart be bad, but also bronchitis, and it was committed in the winter, coughing and shortness of breath. According to A-Mi, Aye couldn��t sleep after waking up in the middle of the night, silently sitting on the window and panting, and when she didn��t turn on the light, on the weekend, all three of our dormitory went to work part-time. I was lying in bed watching the movie "The place where the home is rich in water and grass". I cried when I saw it. Later I fell asleep. I made a strange dream. I dreamed that Aye had passed away. I didn't see the last look of Aye. I woke up from my dreams and woke up. I was so sad that I called my mother and asked her how old. The mother smiled and said that Ah is very close. Ok, I also said that I call or video with my grandfather every day, saying that I am putting too much pressure on myself. But the thing is like this. I didn't see the last look of Aye. I didn't wait for me to call me back on the night of January 3, 2019. Let me go back the next morning. But there is a strong hunch in my heart, and Ah Ye is gone. The three of the dormitory helped me to pack things up Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. I left that night. I waited for four or five hours at the station. I waited for five or six hours at the airport. It was very sleepy and dizzy. When I received my mother��s call. I was crying all the time, and the people next to me comforted me, but the words of comfort at that time could not do anything. Everything around me, no matter what I am worried, is slow. I meditated and prayed all the way, my heart was uneasy, I judged the information sent by my aunt and mother, and what my sister said to me, guessing what the situation of Aye was. It was already six or seven o'clock when the airport arrived in the summer. When I was at Tianhe Airport, my aunt called me and said that Aye was waiting for me to go back in the hospital. Don't worry, ask my sister. She also said that Aye was in the hospital. On the afternoon of the third, she went to the hospital to see Ah Ye. Then go to school. I am calling my aunt when I am in the summer, and she says that Ah is at home. I know that they have been lying to me. When my aunt and my uncle took my sister to me, I told my grandfather that I was gone, but I didn't want to believe it. At the entrance of the house, there was a lot of people standing in the black pressure station Cigarettes Marlboro. There was a sudden scream in my mind. It was only the mother��s face that could be remembered in a blank space. The face was reminiscent of the people who had just passed the earthquake. That kind of gray, at that moment, I was very distressed by my mother's custom, Aye was buried on the third day, I arrived the next night, and after returning, I stayed at the side of the Aye and didn't close my eyes. When I was young, I thought about what I said before, and I saw Ah Ye before I started school. At that time, I bought two or three kinds of beef bone powder, took the medicine that Aye took, and took a car to see Aye. I went to the house and saw Aye wearing a black and blue Zhongshan dress sitting next to the hall door and head down. When I saw me, I asked if I had dinner. I went up and kneeled down next to Ah, and grabbed the hand of Aye. I felt that Aye��s body slowly recovered. When I left, as usual, Ah Ye is very uncomfortable Cheap Newport Cigarettes. We all know that this time I went back after a few months to come back. I comforted him and said, "Aye, I will be back soon. I can also play videos and I can see them every day." I give Ah Ye wrote a list of how to take medicine. Aye suffered from bronchitis, and later became emphysema. It was always cold and smoky soot. It was always difficult. It was difficult in winter. Fortunately, I don��t know where Aye bought a medicine. . When I left, I said, I will return to the same when I am in the middle of the lunar month. This time, Grandpa sent me to the alley. As usual, Aye sat on the little horse and looked at the back of my far away. As usual, I took a two-step look back and then went on and walked for a while. I looked back and saw that Aye��s eyes always looked at me. of. I had to go again, but I couldn��t go far. I turned and looked at it. I went back one step at a time. Until I looked back, I could only see the old man wearing a black and blue tunic suit. The difference between the two is actually the last moment between my husband and my grandfather. Listening to Ah Mi and my mother, when Ah Ye left, nothing was left. Just ask me when I came back Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes. I am standing next to my grandfather. It��s so big, my first real The night didn't close my eyes, my mind was full of Aye's appearance and suddenly left was the dividing line between my mother and my mother. When Ah Ye was there, no matter how old the mother was, Aye felt that her mother had never grown up. I just walked farther, I have a concern in the heart of someone who is willing to listen to your bitterness and sweetness. I have a spiritual pillar. Now I am alone. I am like an autumn leaf, aimlessly and leisurely. The place where the glory of Aye worked, the path that swept the leaves, the place where the little horse was basking in the sun, and the good old days, when we lost forever, we remembered to cherish it, and when we lost forever, we would think of it. The real details, when we have lost forever, the trivial things that didn��t care at the time, but from time to time in our real memories and dreams of dreams, my dear face, my dear The old man wearing a black and blue tunic suit that I can no longer see sat in the mouth of the alley

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