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The lock outside
The lock outside the door is covered with rust, no matter the color or smell, it is like the blood of the person who bite the pulse and drops the blood. It is unexpectedly a little beautiful. It is probably too long to see the light, just wake up. The soul is eager to be with the sun, and the damn spell limits its freedom Marlboro Lights. Twenty-one grams, which should have been a light soul, has been hardened with a few hundred kilograms of heavy steel rope, its invisible lips. The angle is pulled up asymmetrically, the idiot, just waiting for this damn spell to be spelled, but it really can stop my long and short five hundred years, see the dead wood a little bit defeated, the coffin reveals a glimmer of light, the corner of the corner Spiders have changed for generations, and the development that has not grown is starved to death for generations. The abandoned warehouse, the bloody red seal on the door, was divided into an unpopular abyss that only belonged to it and this corrupted bone until that day, as usual, with no light in the morning, but unexpectedly heard the sound of human quarrels. A teenager with a lot of gas is holding a big axe in the lock, and he can feel the seal being a little bit stunned. There was a woman who was crying, and she couldn��t understand what she was doing. It does not seem to have any hindrance to the behavior of the juvenile. Finally, the woman leaned against the door of the warehouse and protected the huge lock with her body. The boy finally threw the axe and quarreled with the woman one day after another. The boy came to the front door, or the axe, but the woman had not come yet. He slammed the lock hard and it was powerful. When I was tired Cigarettes For Sale, I sat down and said something to myself. Her illness became more serious, and her savings were almost the same. In addition to buying land, there was no way to pay for this expensive medical expenses. If the legend of this lock does not break, no one will be willing to buy the next day, the teenager will come here to do the same thing, the old ghost just shakes his head Cigarettes Online, the axe is open to the enchantment Still the enchantment big lock was not opened, but the woman seemed to faint, the teenager flustered and left the axe and left, hehe, hey, he heard that he was crying old ghosts do not know How long has it been in the past few days, it seems that it is not a time in five hundred years. The boy came again, but this time he did not bring an axe, but leaned against the threshold of the warehouse, and occasionally heard the sound of the clay pot and the stone colliding. He said with a snarl, how to do it, how should I do it? People never show up again, and teenagers are always alone in the warehouse door to get drunk. The old ghost is very satisfied with this kind of life, can hear the voice of the people, really good. The last time I saw the boy was on a full moon night, he seemed to bring a good sacrifice and made a law at the door Marlboro Gold. The spells on the old ghost's hands are all gone. It was very happy to move out of the wrist and fly out of the warehouse. However, it was attracted by the strong bloody smell outside the door. It stunned and turned around and did not look at the scene. It secretly added a stack of corpses outside the speed gate. The juvenile hand held a woman��s body Parliament Cigarettes. Laughter. There are several blood-red characters on the white spot that is soaked with blood on the ground.

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